It's About Time

The Old Site Gets a Pink Slip

When we first relocated to Delaware county in upstate New York a friend gave us the low-down on summer: "It's 4th of July, then the Fair, then snow". The Delaware County Fair was two weeks ago, schools buses are rolling and there's a general time-to-hunker-down feeling in the air.

This year we've been consumed with helping clients with time. Vacation rental reservations, inmate video visitations, mobile clinic routing, youth camp registrations, sales force automation, even e-commerce, it's all been about blocking, selling or saving time. I've been using the system outlined in Jim Benson and Tonianne Demaria Barry's book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life to manage my own time with great results.

At its core Personal Kanban is about choosing the right work at the right time. Taking a queue from just-in-time manufacturing techniques Personal Kanban helps move from task lists to work flows. The word Kanban literally means "signboard" or "billboard". My Personal Kanban implementation involves lots and lots of post-it notes and a wall. The flow of sticky notes across my office wall is somehow more satisfying that the todo list shuffle. There's feedback implicit in the process helps you notice work patterns over time. It's a useful tool.

But there was one little problem. One pink post-it, "Redo website" that due to client deadlines, re-prioritization, and frankly a lot of plain old excuses had been up on the wall for so long it had lost the ability to stick. Every day this week the pink slip fell off the wall and landed in front of my desk. Maybe this is another hidden wonder of the Person Kanban system, items tell you when it's time to hunker down and get to work.

Here's the new site. The pink post-it has been retired.